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tv   [untitled]    August 28, 2010 8:30am-9:00am PST

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department. put your hand right up against the wall it is not even too hot to touch. thei the implications of this are dramatic. providing fire resistive barriers is quite expensive. it requires sheetrock. >> pouring off the siding and putting it back. in san francisco we have zero lot lines. it is impossible. they have equipment to slide in and apply this material. >> we have used it a lot in san francisco for historic buildings where we want to preserve the detail. the trim and cove and ornamentation. you can improve the fire resistanceness of the building by having it applied by spray. >> we have tom here who is in charge of the fire training. what do you see going on
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>> four buildings made of the same material but protected by the same paint. >> now we have three buildings. >> yeah, three. there was four. >> right. this problem where we have fire spread from one building to the next building that is a san francisco problem? >> yeah, in fact, there is probably more gap here between these buildings than there is in our normal -- >> which is usually a half an inch to an inch. >> right. >> sometimes they're separated at the ends and the fire is contained within the gap. you have a chimney build up. >> one of the things to point out they're using normal combustibles to start the fire which is wood and straw. in the year 2006 in people's home the normal combustible is not a class a material it is class c, which is the polystyrenes and foam materials. so the natural produced on the interior of the building is greater than what you see here today. >> if we fill this with sofa
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and couches. >> computers, kid furniture, teddy bears. >> okay. what is happening with the one with fireproof paint. i am amazed it is reflecting the heat. put your hand on the side and it is deflecting it away. >> there is a flame inside. >> can we put our hand up there. >> at your own risk. >> i can. sure i can. not gonna catch fire. so the paint reflects the heat and also i understand it foams up and makes a protective foam layer as well. it is amazing stuff. >> we will be here quite a while. >> the fire is still burning inside strongly. the first building that they had the same materials, same construction, lit them at the same time. that one is nothing left. >> yeah. >> this has yet to ignite. it is offgassing and reflecting
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all the energy. >> in the middle, we are waiting to see if the fire spreads. it is spreading from the one end down. >> the second one has the same material for exposure. it is comparing two buildings with the same protection, against two buildings with the same protection for the main fire building, one for exposure and next to it. the second one is catching. >> we have environmental factors effecting this. we have wind blowing in a certain direction. the exposure on the one next to it not really any heat. this is a good demonstration. >> the interesting deal right off the bat is that one burned down and this one -- >> has yet to ignite. >> i see spoke. >> just the products inside that are burning. >> wow. very exciting. >> so i can imagine -- i'm with the building department, there are real implication for
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providing fire resistive safety in buildings if we can figure out how to properly apply it and make sure people don't cut holes in it. >> there are fire service and dynamics that go there. the building industry and manufacturers love the late weight trusses and guszet plates, things that perform great until you expose them to fire. firemen have to walk on these. >> more firemen have been killed because of building collapses than ever documented before. there are buildings engineered strong under normal conditions. add the fire component to it, and the fire -- the line is for a firefighter, the building is your enemy. know your enemy. if you know how it is put together you know how it will come apart. now you add this product -- >> a new unknown. i am not saying this is going to effect the building, but what is
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the offgassing right now. >> i read the test reports. there are issues. we have to look at the issues together. >> the second building finally caught. the material is available. it is not, i believe intended to be used as an exterior -- you have to overpaint it because it doesn't have a uv protective barrier in it yet. if you put it up and overpaint it or put it between two buildings where there is no sunshining, it is okay. here is the guy that invented this stuff. this is a dramatic exhibition, are you satisfied. >> if we had more wind the other building would have flashed over sooner. it is still, to see it really engage this other building and you will see how will the coating holds up. i am impressed. >> everybody is. what is happening to the coated
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building. >> it is containing the fire to the room of origin. the crib in here is going out on its own. no flame spread or flash over. >> what kind of uses have you used this? what kind of buildings. >> we have done elderly care facilities, hospitals, schools, a lot of church retrofits, litigation retrofits in which we bring up the walls to one and two-hour code. >> it is listed for one and two hour based on how thick you apply it. >> yes. we're good on lasting plastic, wood, foam, sheetrock. lasting structures. >> i will put my hand on here. it is definitely getting warm, getting hot. but not too hot to touch. in fact, the source of ignition inside is almost out. okay. that is about it for today. building san francisco walking
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tour. very exciting. we get to end with a splash, a blast here. >> someone else has to clean up. i love those kind of parties. >> they're putting out what is left of that and keeping it from blowing around. thank you all very much. we will see you next month for more exciting san francisco building stories. i don't know what they'll be. (♪music playing)
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